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Guides & Documentation about our community driven ARTDECO 🖼NFT & DeFi Marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain.


ARTDECO is an Elon Musk Inspired community driven NFT & DeFi platform that utilizes the Binance Smart Chain. Essentially, ARTDECO is on a mission to create a marketplace for artists to mint and sell Non fungible tokens (NFTs) and also a social media platform for NFT Creators where you can connect with fellow art lovers from all over the world on the online marketplace built on blockchain technology. That is like an Ebay for Creators on the blockchain.

Essentialy ARTDECO is a Marketplace & Social Media For NFT Artists

It would be worthy of mention to note that Tesla CEO is our inspiration behind this project due to his love of NFTs and ART DECO

The ART DECO ecosystem is an art-centric platform built with art lovers in mind.

So if you do decide to dip your toes in our project, you will want to have a very good idea of what our project is all about and what to expect.

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